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Marie Hunter Beauty: A Look Inside The Brand


Since the beginning, we have always believed that beauty should be simple and ethical. Ten years ago, shopping for cosmetics meant deciphering between an array of multistep makeup routines and products chockfull of harmful chemicals. You literally had to pick your poison - cosmetics that would mask who you really were or those that would damage you from the outside in. Like many of you, we knew that our products didn’t have to come with such comprise. We believed (and still do!) that real beauty - both simple and safe - could be achieved. We wanted to see a change in the cosmetics industry for modern women seeking confidence, without compromise, in their cosmetics. This desire became the beginning motivation behind our business.

In 2016, Marie Hunter Beauty was born. Our Founder, KéNisha Ruff, believed that beauty should be simple. Her personal experiences as a Makeup Artist brought to light the need for non-toxic, minimal beauty staples that could empower women to feel confident, but still like themselves. KéNisha’s journey led us to create our first line of nontoxic lipsticks. Now in its third year of business, Marie Hunter Beauty is dedicated more than ever to crafting clean cosmetics and fragrances for the modern muse - people just like you. Our mission is simple: To boldly empower women with beauty, confidence and class.

We know that we’re not the first to create clean beauty solutions in the cosmetics world, and we certainly won’t be the last. One thing we do know is that we’re different. Our varied industry experience and our commitment to real innovation sets us apart from the rest. We work everyday to ensure that you can trust us to approach every new formulation, partnership, and business decision with the integrity, class, and boldness we know you want your beauty products to help you express. 

And we’re not just selling cosmetics, by the way. At Marie Hunter Beauty, we’re committed to making a difference, too. That’s why we donate a portion of our proceeds to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. 

Together, we hope to change the way you view and select your cosmetics. In the end, all we want is for you to Be Bolder™. 

Welcome to our journey. 

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