Be Bolder™: Q+A With Torey Lehman - Founder of Reigning Grey

The Marie Hunter brand is built upon one philosophy, “Confidence Speaks Volumes”. Confidence by definition is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. The Marie Hunter Modern Muse is a woman who is a guiding spirit and source of artistic inspiration in life and business. 

Today we’re featuring Torey Lehman, Founder Reigning Grey. Reigning Grey is a unique, modern and sophisticated jewelry line handmade in NYC. I had the opportunity to ask Torey 5 questions and here is what she had to say.

Q+A with MH Modern Muse Torey Lehman


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: My name is Torey and I hail from Philadelphia/NJ. I've lived in BK for 6.5 years and started my company Reigning Grey two years ago. We're a female owned and operated brand that focuses on inclusion and empowerment. My background is in design, small business and luxury retail management. My favorite days consist of getting my goals crushed, swimming or running, hugging stranger's dogs, laying in prospect park and dreaming of our brands bright future every chance I get.

Q: What is inspiring you right now?

A: We have a really exciting collaboration coming up for mid august with a fellow female BK artist that we can't wait to share. We're starting to source and concept our 7 collection so my brains going deep on structural shapes, tonal colorways and fresh designs.

Q: What was the defining moment that made you want to launch Reigning Grey?

A: It always seemed to be a side hustle for my creativity in some form or another but it wasn't until I was about 3 years into being in NY I felt this surge of inspiration flow. I knew my space was limited in NYC from my studio in NJ. Jewelry just made sense on multiple levels. It's wearable art, not size conscious, personality defiant, unlimited in design and very accessible to everyone.

Q: What advice would you have for a female entrepreneur ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

A: Dive in scared. It's that moment when you hit the water and your body adjusts to the temperature and you go "ok this isn't so bad" and you learn to get stronger and stronger. No one has it figured out so lose the idea of perfection. Be kind to yourself and help foster that by doing some research to link up with other females starting too. There's never been a time like this in our history that women are taking the leap. If you've felt that urge, just jump. You will 100% have to sacrifice things whether that's time, money, lifestyle choices - be prepared and stay focused. Surround yourself with people wanting to support your mission.Community and company are everything.

Q: What do you love most about Marie Hunter Beauty?

A: Female founded baby! Raw power is a woman owned business on a mission and Marie Hunter Beauty is doing that and so much more.


Reigning Grey is like Marie Hunter in the sense that we both are are inspiring and empowering women through products that are so personal to each woman. Torey’s desire to empower women through her handmade jewelry is inspiring and for that she is a MH Modern Muse. You can shop and learn more about Reigning Grey here. Follow RG on Instagram @reigninggrey and @reigninggreyaustin.